AFYD Ireland (Angling for Youth Development Ireland) is a volunteer based programme. Through its structures and activities it strives toward a sustainable culture of inclusivity and angling excellence, enabling the personal development of young people through the sport of angling.

Why Angling?

AFYDI is not just about fishing as a sport. It can help address many other issues and act as a springboard to channel young people into new experiences and opportunities.

Angling in all its forms is a great leveller, because it builds bridges across social and economic divides. It can help develop a young person’s motivation, skills, self-confidence, social care, personal enterprise, and promote physical exercise and good health. It can also lead to the development of a more responsible lifestyle.

It is a useful educational tool, in that the sport calls for knowledge of science, geology, geography, natural and social history.

It can provide employment opportunities and assist in a community’s economic growth.

Angling can also address social problems by reducing crime, truancy and anti-social behaviour, thereby helping to create safer and more caring communities.

It can be a positive, pro-active, and creative force for the improvement of both our social and natural environments.

Recent Posts

Inland Fisheries Ireland Sponsorship Fund 2017 open for applications

Inland Fisheries Ireland Sponsorship Fund 2017 open for applications as potential for Ireland’s growth as angling destination revealed

A great opportunity for angling hubs to fund events in 2017

Inland Fisheries Ireland has launched its Sponsorship Fund for 2017 which will support angling events and initiatives across the country. The fund supported 44 events to the tune of €30,000 in 2016 with a particular focus on initiatives which help grow Ireland’s angling tourism product and support novice anglers. Angling in Ireland is currently worth €836 million to Ireland’s economy annually, supporting upwards of 11,000 jobs.


Applications for funding from the Sponsorship Fund are now invited from angling clubs, associations or any local group organising an angling initiative. The scheme will remain open for applications until Friday, 9th of December 2016 and all applications can be made online at www.fisheriesireland.ie/funding. Awards will be subject to budget availability and adherence to the scheme requirements.