About AFYD

AFYDI is a non-profit making organisation. It is a partnership of public sector agencies with voluntary sector organisations.

As part of Inland Fisheries Ireland’s (IFI) promotion remit and to expand our education and outreach role IFI has undertaken to set up an outreach unit and implement a programme which will have positive benefits for angling in Ireland and for local communities. During our research we found the Angling For Youth Development programme, which was initially developed by Strathclyde Police and grew into the largest angling training organisation in Scotland. We were greatly impressed by the scope and the vision of this programme and it’s proven track record.

Of all the existing programme examined the AFYD model most closely matched IFI’s objectives. The hubs are operated by volunteers from a diverse cross section of the community, many of whom are passionate anglers. Apart from the community based setting and focus on social responsibility there is also an academic path way which can be adopted to Irish curriculum for HETEC/FETEC awards.

AFYD assisted Inland Fisheries Ireland in launching a pilot programme in Ireland to test how their programme and approach would work in an Irish context. Working with the Angling Council of Ireland, IFI ran this pilot in Waterford in 2012 which proved very successful.

Following from this pilot IFI has now tasked ACI with delivery of the programme through a service level agreement.